Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Had to get the nails done!! I love Stevie!!

Start from the bottom.  Can you name all the stages?  

Pinky:  What does this represent?  What are the white dots representing?  Male or female?
Ring Finger:  What is this part called?  Find out what the parts of it are.  Male or female?
Middle:  Why is this little guy and his mates important to the process of producing fruit?  What other animals can help with this process?
Pointer:  When the seed starts to grow, what does it do?  Can you explain the process of germination?
Thumb:  The end product!  YUM! What different types of apricot are there?  How can scientists help to create different types?  What would they do to change them? (Think of the male/female parts)

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  1. An awesome blog Sal ....lots of photos - I love it!!!! I'll share it with our class tomorrow. I'm sure they'd like to see what you've been up to.